Aluminum processing CNC technology of ELEPHONE S8
You may not know, the shiny frame of Elephone S8 uses aluminum processing CNC technology, which has 72 steps. The back cover is adopted 46 processes. It is light in your hand but extremely gorgeous.
How the lumia 3D glass back cover of ELEPHONE S8 was tempered?
Besides the tri-bezel-less and 2K resolution display, ELEPHONE S8 has an amazing appearance of itself. Indeed, we made a huge effort on it. How to make ELEPHONE S8 more "cool" and stronger? Our ELEPHONE engineers spent more than half year in testing and adjusting several materials, finally, we decided to use glass. Though glass is very ordinary in appearance, with our lumia 3D craft(what we did the same on ELEPHONE S7), it became magical, and the glass brings us a perfect back cover!
Do you know how fast ELEPHONE P8's front fingerprint sensor is?
With the releasing of ELEPHONE P8's reviews, we noticed that all of the websites highly comment the front fingerprint sensor of ELEPHONE P8. Fast fingerprint sensor becomes the tilte of ELEPHONE P8, it is fast and acurate.
Unveil the craft of ELEPHONE S8's back--how we choose materials
As we all know that ELEPHONE S8 equipped with lumia back, meanwhile, it has a 3D back curved glass panel. You can see by the outstanding design but can not see the lots of efforts for ELEPHONE S8. Today, we will introduce the beauty to you in details.
Some screenshots to tell you why you should choose ELEPHONE S8 instead of Xiaomi Mix
As tri-bezel-less smartphone, ELEPHONE S8 with 2K display totally conquers Xiaomi Mix with FHD display! So, what is the difference between 2K display and FHD display? From the screenshots below, we believe you can tell the difference.
8 Reasons that you need to buy ELEPHONE P8 mini
ELEPHONE P8 mini was regarded as the most affordable smartphone in 2017. Lately, we start a promotion on Aliexpress, buy now and enjoy the discounts!
Appearance Comparison of ELEPHONE S8 and Xiaomi Mix
As the outstanding tri-bezel-less smartphone, Xiaomi Mix and ELEPHONE S8 have a similar appearance while they have their own characteristics. Xiaomi Mix has a ceramic back cover while ELEPHONE S8 has lumia glass back. The glass back cover looks more magnificent under the light. ELEPHONE S8 takes high-end glass material whose hardness can be comparable to ceramic materials, with this, ELEPHONE S8 is not easy to scratch and the back cover is not easily damaged.
ELEPHONE S8 will presell tomorrow!
The most attractive ELEPHONE S8 is coming. What kind of device is it to attract so many users?
First look of a new camera beast with 18:9 display
ELEPHONE will launch a new smartphone with 18:9 aspect ratio. But now, we do not get too much information. From the picture, we can see that it equipped with a curved display. Besides, the front camera will use dual camera and flash, which can be a new camera beast in 2017 as P8 and P8 mini.
Introduction of ELEPHONE P8
What is the most important feature for a smartphone in your mind? Appearance? Configuration? Camera? Or brand? According to the Chinese marketing survey, 88% of the buyers check the camera functions first when they purchase a phone.